A picture of my boyfriend I really love
The skin on your back I kiss, and as I lay my lips against your bare skin, you know I love every part of you I hold, I won’t let you go.

me with bubba today, I’m so happy he’s mine; he protects me and I protect him. I look into his eyes and I just see hope and happiness looking back at me, I can honestly say honestly my everything, i’ll never try to hurt him and i can’t wait for all the other adventures we will go through together, just watching a movie together under the covers hearing him breathe is the most comforting things ever. He mean’s everything to me, he saved me from every horrible thought lerking around my head, I love him. 

(sorry for all the sappyness on my blog recently guys, I’m just proud to be his)

Took this picture of my friend Reb
xxjessaysrawrxx1: Your so perfect❤️is ur hair naturally wavy? And where did u get ur sweaters? x stay beautiful

I but boy sweaters :3 and my hair is really straight I put it up in a bun all night


saw my best friend Sam today, i always have to take a snap of the people that make me smile, i wanted to do a better one but we were just talking most the afternoon 
me trying to be cute
just me, 
instagram: chloemeows, feeling really ugly at the moment but oh well!
Persian Cat